Integrated Open House Management

This NextHome Residential industry first provides you the most comprehensive open house management capability availabile anywhere.

First, your listings benefit from a custom developed and integrated program for sending your open house showings to all sites in our National Listing Distribution program that display open house information. This includes sending your scheduled open house particulars to popular mobile search apps like Trulia and Zillow, in addition to over 40 other websites that accept open house data, for increased exposure and traffic. To spread the word both online and offline, our marketing system automatically creates up to a dozen open house marketing pieces, including social media content, postcard proofs, single property websites and more.

Second, our custom-developed open house integration offers a marketing advantage and increases your leads, even while you are sleeping. Interested buyers can register for an open house (or any showing) right from the listing on our website. That registered prospect is scored against registration questions you control and then automatically vetted against online sources, including leading social media sites, to validate the registration email address.

Third, once buyers arrive at your open house, you can check them in without having to waste time capturing basic information and even disclose unrepresented buyers to comply with New York State law right from your tablet. Even those who did not pre-register can be quickly registered and disclosed onsite — all without leaving private information exposed on a printed paper list that many firms still use in the industry.

Finally, all registered prospects and their agents are automatically sent customized email notifications after registering online or onsite and additional follow-up messages can be sent as needed. This ensures your sellers that their listings are distinguished from the competition by automated professional and comprehensive communication.

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